Thursday, June 4, 2009

Chickasaw Heritage Park

Chickasaw Heritage Park will be home to a new walking trail, courtesy of the Riverfront Development Corporation (RDC). UrbanArt is seeking an artist to create an enhancement that will reflect the rich history of the area. The enhancement should feel like an integral part of the park, expressing the quiet, safe environment that residents of the nearby French Fort and visitors to the adjacent the National Ornamental Metal Museum use to relax and view the Mississippi River.

The deadline for this project is 4:00 PM, Wednesday, July 17. The budget is $85,000, and it is open to US artists. For the full RFQ, visit Contact Elizabeth Alley, Director of Public Art, with any questions: 901-454-0474,

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Repair to Trolley Station

Lea Holland, Marlin Eddinger and the gang installing the mosaic today at 3rd Street Station, part of MATA's Madison Avenue Trolley Line.


Dear UrbanArt Supporter,

Thank you for your continued support of the UrbanArt Commission's work in the community. Your advocacy is making a difference! UrbanArt's Executive Director joined the Engineering Division in presenting their budget to the City Council Operations and Maintenance committee on Monday night. While the vote was postponed until Tuesday 16 June due to the request for more information about the Engineering budget, UrbanArt was well received. This is largely due to your efforts in communicating the importance of public art to our city. The Council members now have a richer understanding that this program matters to the citizens it represents, and that could not have been achieved without you!

We shall correspond with you as developments progress toward the budget wrap up process at the end of this month.

Be Well,

John Weeden, Executive Director
UrbanArt Commission