Thursday, May 5, 2011

Broad Avenue Mural Getting Close to Complete

This time tomorrow visiting French artist Guillaume Alby (aka REMED) will be on a plane back to his current home base in Madrid, Spain. After 2 weeks in our town contending with tornadoes, floods, and nearly 10 days of cold rain, this remarkable artist will have created the newest public art landmark in Memphis on a warehouse at 2542 Broad Avenue, and made a dozen new friends in a new city he loves...Memphis!

Brought to town by the building's owner, Bob Loeb of Loeb Properties, after meeting him at an exhibition in Miami last December, UrbanArt acted as his ambassador to the city, logistics coordinator, supply depot, and base camp for producing this truly wonderful mural. UrbanArt's own mural maestro Siphne Sylve served as his primary assistant throughout and soaked up plenty of knowledge about new techniques for putting paint on a wall, as well as insights into the unique mindset of this internationally renowned mural painter.

He's got one more day to paint and he's close we can taste it!

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