Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Downtown Memphis Public Art

Public art projects coordinated by UrbanArt in Downtown Memphis only.

[*NOTE: there is a great deal more all over town!]

1. The large-scale mural adjacent to Redbirds Stadium on Madison Avenue.

2. The mural consisting of a series of icons adjacent to Central Station in South Main.

3. A series of 'poetry panels' in South Main

4. The Tom Lee Memorial in Tom Lee Park

5-9. The Trolley Stops along Madison Avenue at Redbirds Stadium, Danny Thomas Blvd., Orleans, Dunlap,  and Cleveland

10.  Sculpture at Auction Street traffic circle

11-14. Art at the Cannon Center (inside and out)

15. Shade structure sculpture in Vance Park

16. A collection of multiple wall-hanging art works at the new University of Memphis Law School

17. A collection of multiple wall-hanging art works at City Hall

18. City Hall plaza equipment screen

19-20. Bike racks at Tennessee Street and Harbor Town

21. Interactive lighting design at Court Avenue pedestrian bridge

22-26. 'Curious Pictures' video art series

27-30. Temporary projects in various Downtown locations to mark our 10th Anniversary

New projects currently in progress:

31. Uptown Gateway sculpture

32. University Place sculpture

33. Chickasaw Heritage Park sculpture

34. Legends Park neighborhood identification emblems

35-36. Beale Street Landing paving and sculpture

37. Multiple works of art for the Direct Purchase Collection

38. Mural school projects

Additionally, we often work with the Center City Commission to develop grant proposals for their initiatives, and we routinely present to the Memphis Regional Design Center's educational workshops about the importance of public art in cultivating vibrant and dynamic urban spaces in Downtown and elsewhere.

We view Downtown as a vital and creative crucible for the culture of our city, and will continue our work towards coordinating public art projects in the area for as long as I am Executive Director.


Ryan Fowler said...

I'd be interested to know more about the "Uptown Gateway Sculpture." Is this connected with the Uptown community in any way?

UrbanArt said...

Yes, Ryan, we are in discussions with members of the Uptown community about potential locations for developing a large-scale sculpture project. Interested to participate in the conversation as a community representative? Contact Tiena Gwin, Projects Manager, at