Thursday, September 23, 2010

Live From Memphis to light up the Wellworks Building on Friday September 24 for 'Curious Pictures'

Transmission is a collection of 3 short films to be projected one night only onto the Wellworks building at the corner of Main St. and Madison Ave. in downtown Memphis. 

Transmission is presented by Live From Memphis as part of the Urban Art Commission's "Curious Pictures" project.  The program will run on a loop from 8-9pm.

The Pieces

"River Rising"
A collaboration between spoken-word artist tamE and LFM filmmakers, this experimental film couples artful linguistics with archival and avant-garde video to create a truly poetic commentary on the television of our society.  Or, in the infamous words of Mike TeeVee, "Why is everything here completely pointless?"

"…and things of that nature"
A collection of footage shot over the past five years by an eccentric group of transient filmmakers, set to the darkly schizophrenic tunes of ninjacat, and viciously blended together with the editorial stylings of madbrad to ensure maximum lunacy.  "What the @#&! was that?  Let's watch it again!"

A collection of footage shot entirely on the iPhone 3GS by LFM filmmaker Sarah Fleming.  Edited by LFM filmmaker Christopher Reyes and set to music by the Memphis-based experimental duo Overjoid.

Curious Pictures is sponsored in part by the First Tennessee Foundation Award for Innovation in the Arts and the Center City Commission.

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