Thursday, January 24, 2008

See Public Art in Action!

Temporary Public Art Project Installed While You Watch!

Artist Anthony Lee is adorning the wall adjacent to Central Station on the west side of South Main with 25 painted symbols from contemporary life. Anthony is working with volunteers from the CODA Program at Rhodes College to paint the symbols on the 700-foot concrete wall. The painting has begun and will be underway during the South Main Trolley Tour on Friday, January 25.

Anthony’s project, Modern Hieroglyphs, is the first of the 10 Temporary Public Art Projects to be installed as part of UrbanArt's Interactions/Interruptions: 10 Years of Public Art in Memphis.

For more information about the 10th Anniversary, visit our website.

(I "borrowed" this picture from Weeden Arts Watch - thanks, John!)


Shumyla said...

Excellent ongoing work, as usual. I miss interning at UAC.

UrbanArt said...

Thanks, Shumyla! We miss you and all of our old interns: Rachel, Joel, Nitasha, Nikoo, Molly, Ann, and whoever else I'm forgetting!