Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Temporary Public Art in NY

From yesterday's New York Times.

Funded by the Public Art Fund, this public art piece by Beth Campbell, a Brooklyn artist, is in a nondescript storefront vaguely advertising personal growth. When you look inside the locked front doors, you see the same storefront repeated five times, down to the gum on the floor.

From the article:
Ms. Campbell, 35, said she was partly inspired to create the storefront — which appears to be a vague combination of travel agency and life-coaching service — by the nameless stores she sees in Greenpoint, where she lives.

“They’re kind of like Fed Ex and UPS places that sell milk and Avon, and maybe you can get your taxes done there,” she said. But the idea arose more from a desire to create a public artwork that did not immediately announce itself as art, one that caught people in mid-stride and played with their expectations and their perceptions of real and recreated, copy and original.

On view in Lower Manhattan through June 24, 125 Maiden Lane.

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